My name is Stephen Grimston. I am an Specialist Accessibility Consultant for Deaf. Deafened, Hard of Hearing, Usher, DeafBlind people in fact anyone who has difficulty communicating due to a hearing loss. Sometimes Deaf people prefer to communicate with another person who has first hand experience of their needs and may be more successful attaining employment with a native BSL user.

I can support people in varied ways dependant to their needs. A few examples of the services I offer include:-

  • Specialist Employment Advice
  • Specialist Deaf Mentoring Service
  • Motivation and Confidence Building
  • Application form and C.V. Building Support
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Preparation
  • In-Work Support including managing Access to Work agreements
  • Employer Engagement and Support
  • Identifying and Addressing Employer Concerns
  • Identify and Remove Barriers to Employment
  • Interpreting and Communication Services
  • Tailored Deaf Awareness Training
  • British Sign Language Tuition for Signature Level 1 and 2

I am aware that your organisation may offer similar services however my organisation has the specialist knowledge which may benefit by referring clients to me including:-

  • Better links between elements of provision – Enhance specialist services by developing a unique support package tailored to the needs of Deaf people.
  • Better consistency and quality of provision – Total focus on removing the barriers to employment of Deaf people by Deaf people as well as developing feedback mechanisms so all clients and employers can provide their views about the quality of the service provided.
  • Improved support for people in work – Provision of a managed Access to Work agreement with the client where I will provide all support needed.
  • Flexible and personalised support that directly meets the employment needs of each individual – Specialist Deaf-led support gives a unique opportunity to make a positive impact for Deaf people and will remove a number of complex barriers.
  • Dedicated role model – I believe that I can act as a role model to inspire Deaf people into employment and also as a consultant to JobcentrePlus to achieve equality.
  • Shared resources – We can share information and work together to ensure that an agreement between us would benefit all.
  • Shared networks – Networks can be shared, developing opportunities for all.

If your organisation would like the opportunity to discuss what we can do in detail and to help identify the practical steps required towards potentially working together amicably with the aim of removing barriers by providing a dedicated service email me at stephen.grimston@o2.co.uk

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